Roof Repairs

When you call a roofer to repair roof leaks, you want a company that calls your homeowners right away and repairs the leaks right the first time. When you call Curtis Roofing, we do just that...we set appointments with homeowners right away and when we repair roof leaks, we trace the leak back to its source.

Other roofing companies will re-roof an entire roof section just to cover the leak. Most of the time, roof leaks occur around chimneys, skylights, and other areas of the roof that are architecturally ‘cut up’. By knowing where roof leaks occur, we’re able to fix the leaks the first time and save you the time and hassle of dealing with the same leaks over and over. This also saves your communities money.


Roof Rehabilitation

Sometimes after several years, it becomes necessary for a HOA to address the roofs of their buildings as a whole project that addresses all of the roofing and waterproofing systems. The problem is, most HOAs haven’t budgeted for a big re-roofing job that can often cost well over $1-million.

The good news is that a lot of the time it is unnecessary to re-roof. Instead, a HOA can choose to have a comprehensive roof rehabilitation project performed on their roofs. This kind of project can extend the life of the existing roofs, prevent future roof leaks, and save the HOA money.


Roof Maintenance

When you own a car, you maintain it by getting the oil changed regularly, rotating the tires, and getting tune-ups from time to time. Maintaining your car is lot like maintaining your roofs. Over time, areas of roofs need to be maintained in order to keep the buildings waterproofed during rain storms. Roof tiles are broken or slide out of place, drains detach from their adhesive surroundings, and flashings loosen from their original positions. Letting these things go can be the same as never changing the oil in your car...eventually, the engine will stop working.

Letting roofs go without regular maintenance can result in severe roof leaks that could easily have be prevented. A $30 oil change costs a lot less than a $2000 engine rebuild. Repairing broken roof tiles costs a lot less than replacing large sections of dry-rotted wood and waterproofing membrane.

Give us a call today. We will repair, rehabilitate, or schedule regular roof maintenance to keep your roofs working properly, extend the roof life, and save you money.


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